Technical assistance, operation and maintenance

Managing limitations and risks concerning the use of water is an essential component of how industries seek to be more competitive.  With our dual expertise as a builder and operator, SUEZ delivers support in the design, construction, operation and through-life maintenance of your water treatment facilities, in full respect of sanitary, regulatory and environmental standards.
Audit and technical assistance

Make water a genuine competitive factor

Optimising water use is not only a question of being economical with natural resources, managing costs and respecting the environment, it is also a key factor in industrial competitiveness. SUEZ delivers its operational expertise through a wide range of audit and technical services to support industrial companies committed to improving their performance. 

From technical evaluations to overcome a water issue or effluent treatment to a full audit of water and energy facilities, SUEZ can deliver a wide range of services covering the full extent of the water cycle.

Our services include:

  • Technical assistance, consulting and process breakdown repairs
  • Feasibility studies
  • Water and energy audits
  • Strategic planning and risk analysis
  • Managed risk control
  • Audit of existing technologies
  • Reasonable technical and financial due diligence
  • Asset management planning
  • Identification and evaluation of problem resolution.

Alongside our excellent knowledge of the operational conditions of each industrial sector, our extensive technical expertise enables us to recommend deliverable solutions that meet key objectives of industrial companies.

Operation and maintenance

Daily commitment to water cycle management

As an expert in the water cycle, SUEZ operates and maintains industrial facilities whether they are designed and built by SUEZ or not. We undertake to manage your facilities with innovative and effective solutions enabling you to secure long service life for your equipment and discover avenues of optimisation throughout the water cycle.

After closely analysing your needs, SUEZ will propose custom-designed services and agreements to suit your objectives and resources perfectly.
Our organisation and operating procedures comply with the most stringent standards in terms of health and safety, supervision, on-call services and reporting.

We develop and implement progress plans to continually improve the performance and productivity of the facilities under our management, using tried and tested methodology.


Our commitments to operate and maintain your facilities in good operating condition:

  • Audits and quantitative assessments give a global vision of your incoming and outgoing flows
  • Responsive and efficient technical assistance through our knowledge of your facilities, thereby ensuring continuity of service
  • On-the-ground teams for rapid on-site presence
  • Proposals for quantifiable improvements that are beneficial to your industry and the environment
  • Progress plans and cost optimisation initiatives
  • Advice on improving the reliability and safety of your industrial facilities
  • Knowledge, integration and application of environmental standards and social expectations
  • Analysis of criticality points and introduction of specific crisis management systems to maintain business continuity in the event of emergencies
  • Optimisation of water resources, network maintenance, fire water management, storm water re-use, energy assessments
  • Maintenance on CMMS
  • Full traceability of actions
  • Contractually-guaranteed results including analysis, preventive maintenance plan and corrective work, technical assistance, consulting, audits and supervision.
  • Access to our client extranet.