Water Network Management

By reducing the risks of water system breakdowns and by detecting leaks that cause increased water consumption and higher energy bills, businesses can reduce their plants’ operational costs. SUEZ offers site managers long-term consulting services and quick response times for on-site maintenance work.
Managing Networks

Protecting your network system

Good network management involves anticipating breakdown risks and their impact, reducing your system’s energy consumption, and controlling your operating costs and investment expenditure.

SUEZ provides a range of services and preventive measures for optimum network management:


Assessing your network system
We provide audit and diagnosis services to assess your system’s structure and condition, store this information and ensure traceability of malfunctions and all maintenance work carried out.

Ensuring your networks run smoothly on a daily basis
To ensure your networks run smoothly, we carry out monitoring inspections and regular or emergency maintenance work.

Extending your system’s service life by carrying out preventive maintenance
We provide solutions, adapted to your constraints, that enable you to plan maintenance work without disrupting your production cycle and define a preventive cleaning plan for sewerage networks using the VICR method 

Replacing and expanding your networks
We help our customers prioritise and plan their work, thanks to SUEZ group’s purchasing power, our investment potential and our business intelligence in the best techniques available
Using smart solutions to monitor your facilities in real time 
Our innovative solutions based on cutting-edge digital tools are designed to help you monitor your facilities 
Tackling leaks 

Controlling Water and Energy Consumption and Reducing Health Hazards

By working to tackle leaks, we can cut operating costs and safeguard water supply, as well as controlling risks associated with health, the environment and industry regulations.

SUEZ provides consulting services and on-site maintenance work to manage water leaks:


Know your networks better to anticipate all leakage risk
The first key step is to map your network system. This enables us to identify risk areas and plan preventive maintenance work, replacement operations and new investments

Implement the right leak detection system for your plant
We advise you on the process best adapted to your needs and the characteristics of your networks, depending on the geographic location of your plant, pipe length, diameter and materials, and the type of equipment you have

Respond quickly
To ensure your operational continuity, we offer quick response times for on-site maintenance work


Thoroughly cleaning pipes with ice

Industrial manufacturers need to keep their networks (wastewater, effluents, oil, gas, etc.) clean. But they also want to limit the environmental impacts of the use of chemicals or large quantities of water. With ice pigging, SUEZ offers an innovative solution that uses ice to clean pipes.
Ice Pigging-SUEZ

“With Ice Pigging, we offer our industrial customers a solution for cleaning their water systems, simple and effective” Carlos Campos, Chief Operating Officer of the SUEZ Advanced Solutions Factories.

Cleaning pipes with just a few litres of ice

Usually, several hundred litres of water are necessary to keep pipelines clean in industry. But ice pigging technology consumes just a few litres of ice. This new technology uses the natural abrasive qualities of ice to remove sediments and other foreign bodies, such as crystallised salts and biofilms in particular, from pipelines. Quick and economical to use.

In a plant that manufactures yoghurt in the UK, ice pigging recovered more than 75% of the value-added product which had been deposited in the pipelines. And the consumption of chemicals was significantly reduced too.

Ice Pigging won the 2016 World Food Innovation Award in the Best Manufacturing/Processing Technology category.

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