Reduce commercial losses and improve sustainability

Increasing network efficiency requires ation to reduce both physical and commercial losses. Optimize investments and operations in the commercial cycle and improve the sustainability of your service with our Opti Revenue approach.
Your challenge
Water losses represent both an environmental and economic challenge for water utilities. On average, 20% of the total OPEX budget to operate a water network is dedicated to leaking detection and repair.
Our solution

Predict, detect & locate leaks combining advanced inspections technologies with data analytics

Thanks to our historical expertise in managing water networks, we developed solutions by a water operator for water operators. Our Spot Leaks approach will allow you to predict, detect and locate leaks by combining advanced inspections technologies with data analytics.

It is based on a proven and result-oriented methodology at each step:

1°) Leakage zone mapping: map your network with cutting-edge inspection technologies to identify leakage zones

  • We help you to choose and implement the best-in-class technologies among our wide catalog, to better identify leakage zones in your network

2°) Leak detection service: detect and repair the leaks thanks to innovative field technologies
  • We help you to improve the efficiency of leak detection, advising and implementing the right detection methods to fit your network configuration

3°) Dynamic leakage control: early detect the leaks and reduce leakage time based on real-time monitoring
  • We provide an in-house real-time monitoring tool allowing you to control and anticipate the risk of leakage and ensure continuity of service
Your benefits
By choosing Spot Leaks, you combine cutting-edge technology and human expertise to solve your issues, you benefit from our operator experience and our technological watch to choose the best technologies, and prevent leakages thanks to our home-built real-time monitoring tool.
  • Reduce water losses
  • Improve performance of field activities
  • Optimize the detection thanks to a tailor-made selection of techniques
  • Ensure water quality compliance
  • Preserve the environment
Reduction of water losses
Improve performance of field activities
Optimization of the detection thanks to tailor-made selection of techniques
Improve your image as utility regarding resources preservation
Water Quality compliance